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Pitching your product to retailers


The most important issue facing almost any organization is, “how to get your product to market?”. Even the greatest of products fail due to a lack of exposure, and the ability to get the product in to the hands of the consumers.

As a brand new company or a company that is trying to increase sales, your message needs to be succinct and clear. Here are a few pointers:

1. Make sure you are talking to the person that is making the decision. Nothing more frustrating than finishing a good meeting and realizing that you are talking to the wrong person.

2. Know your product from front to back, top to bottom. Many times product sales people feel that the product should sell itself, however the customer rarely knows as much as you do about your product.

2. Understand that the retail buyer or store owner has limited amount of time. Smaller retailers’ main job is to run the store and provide great customer service. So make sure your message is worth their time and convincing.

3. Everyone wants to make money, but your product needs to have bottom line capacity to justify the existence of your product on their shelves. This can come in the fashion of profitability or quick turns. Be sure to give examples of other success stories and be ready to provide good references.

4. Be sure to point out the advantages that your product will bring to the retailer, this could include a new subset of customers, additional sales or faster turns.

5. Explain how they can be included in your marketing efforts and how you can help drive customers to their stores.

Having the right pitch to retailers can make all the difference. Be prepared and you will surely see success!


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