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Product Highlight – Liquid Dreams

At we are focused on helping brands and retailers work together to grow their businesses. Today we are highlighting Liquid Dreams, visit their website at

Liquid Dreams is a sleep/relaxation enhancement beverage company.  We are currently selling convenient, fast-acting, non-drug, zero calorie, all natural liquid dietary supplement 2 oz. shots.  We work with retailers directly if we can, but this is a big challenge when the stores begin to add up, it becomes a full time job quickly just maintaining accounts.   We have found success with retailers primarily because we have a good product.  Customers like Liquid Dreams, it helps a lot to have something that sells.  Our sales help us attract more retailers and improve placement in the stores.  Establishing a relationship with the buyers and category managers is critical for the extra level of support and care for a brand that is required to maintain good placement.

Many of our stores are also serviced by distributors who have their own way of managing a product.  Their primary focus is to keep placement of as many items they carry as they can.  In order to receive dedicated support for our brand we find ourselves having to offer incentives to the distributor, this always revolves around putting more dollars in their pocket.

The benefit to distribution is many accounts are serviced a couple times a month so there is someone in the store regularly keeping an eye on the product.  This is critical as we have discovered that sometimes Liquid Dreams sells out faster than anticipated and the managers are not always going to re-order right away, they will let it sell out and leave it be until a representative visits the store or calls in to check on the status.  Servicing the store yourselves or through a third party distributor is costly either way.  The relation is through time or money, both require a sacrifice.  It is a difficult process to get a product on shelves in the first place, but it is equally as difficult to maintain placement and ensure long-term success.  We hope Retail Pitch can provide a level of support that simplifies the process of getting onto store shelves and helps us stay on top of the product re-orders.  Anything that makes our job easier is of great value to us.


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