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How Strong is your social media strategy?

How strong is your social media strategy?

When developing a marketing strategy, you have to utilize as many angles as possible. There are so many options to get eyeballs on your company that involve social media, but you must know what you are doing.

Many companies have spent a lot of time on social media because there are so many options. We will discuss what each one is and how it can help you, however when making your strategy, focus on what you can do to be effective.

Twitter –

Learn to say a lot with very little. Fast and easy, but be careful of not looking to much like spam. You are limited to just 140 characters, but you can create explosive promotions that get passed all over the world in a small amount of time.

Here is a great site that has three great ideas for creating a twitter campaign.

Here is our twitter page:

Facebook –

Facebook is so powerful with almost a billion people signed up. It is hard to be relevant without having a facebook page. It is great to create exposure and an easy place to communicate with the end user.

In order to be effective on facebook there is a trend of customizing your facebook page to create more followers. This does take time but it is effective.

Sprout Social does a nice piece on how to do this.

Here is our facebook page:

YouTube –

If you have videos and want customers to see them, you need to create your own YouTube channel. Many users are not looking for a completely professional video, many times viewers are looking for fun content or meaningful content that is updated regularly.

Brad Scott created a workout channel that explains how to work out and various different exercises that get you ripped. There is even one where he bench presses his girlfriend to show you that you can exercise any where and with anything.

Many of the posts of fun little segments and then some are very just fun.

Google Plus –

It is getting harder to not have a google plus site. It is easy to set up a company profile, and because it is google, it helps your google rankings. There are other features such as groups, circles, hangouts and sparks. These are great places to find good contacts.

Here is our googleplus page:

Blogging –

Do not forget about blogging. Even if you do not have a large following, creating pertinent content that will be searched by the search engines to create Google, Bing and Yahoo rankings. Many times this is the most important part of search engine optimization.

This is easy, free and quick. We have a Tumblr and wordpress ccount as well as a blogspot account. Many times we post the same things to all to cover our bases.

Blogspot is part of google so you know that google will be crawling your blog for information.

There are many other places to get exposure for your company as well, but remember you will need to focus. All options listed here are not required, rather create a strategy that you can spend time on and be effective. Some of these options we have spent some time on, others will take time.

As a retailer and manufacturer you need to be involved in social media. Like all marketing you need to understand and target on your market.


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