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Product Highlight – 3IZS

We enjoy learning a about so many diverse and fun products as we are getting ready to launch  Today’s product is a mobile cell phone accesory for the active lifestyle. Great addition to any retail location.

Smartphone sales in 2011 approached 500 million and are projected to reach 631
million by 2015 (Gartner). With an App for every task and advanced built-in technology
for every need, the smartphone has put the only electronic device a consumer needs to
carry in their pocket.
A company well positioned to solve the requirements of the rapidly evolving consumer is
INVROX – “Innovative Solutions for Universal Demands”©. A primary focus of INVROXʼs
Lifestyles Division is to design, develop and produce products that will enhance the
smartphone users experience. The smartphone market is exploding and the high-tech
devices give consumers access to powerful tools that integrate technology and make
the need for additional products such as Photo/Video Cameras, GPS and even Wallets

Recently INVROX launched a new consumer product for the smartphone market.
3izs® (three eyes) is a revolutionary new accessory for smartphones and compact
camcorders that allows the user to:

•Capture Hands Free Video
•Easy Access: Apps, Music, Texts, Phone
•Touchscreen Control Through the Case
•Strap it Anywhere, Vertically or Horizontally: Harness, Belt, Leg, Arm, etc.

Active lifestyle consumers love the comfort, safety and security 3izs® delivers. On the
Mountain, at the Park, using a Fitness App or just hanging out at the Beach: Go 3izs®!
Consumers demand the latest technology in their Smartphones and the technology
optimization and versatility of a 3izs®. Considering the cost and inconvenience of
carrying additional devices, such as a POV Camera or GPS. 3izs® is an amazing value
and its universal design accepts all the latest smartphones and compact camcorders.

The worldwide demand for Smartphones is staggering and 3izs® is the innovative
solution to enhance the consumer experience. 3izs® is a perfect fit for Electronics,
Sporting Goods, Fitness, Moto/ATV, Action Sports and more.

Visit and Explore:

RJ Pappas


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