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Video Marketing – How to make it work for your business –

With so many different ways to present your product, it is hard to know where to spend your time. However, one of the most effective ways to show your product is through video marketing.

We just finished our video, and

With all the tools at your disposal, a product introduction video can be done with simple to use and many times free tools. Many times all you need is a smart phone and place to explain your product.

Here is an example of a company that has a waterproof case for the IPhone. They show how they walk in to water and then film surfers catching the waves. We did not even need to see the case to know that the product works. Very effective.

Videos help with displaying your company, product and allow your customers from around the world see why they should be working with you.

You can explain your company in 30-90 seconds better through a video than you can through a blog or a website. Whether you are the brand or a retailer, people want to see your products or your store. Here are a couple of keys to remember when making your video.

  1. Make your content count. Explain what your product or service in as simple fashion.
  2. Include your URL on your video and in the explanation of your video. The search engines love videos and this will help increase your chance to have better search engine rankings.
  3. Be sure to include your logo and help drive your brand. Just like commercials on TV, you need to your customers to know that.
  4. Post it on as many blogs and websites that you can. It is your way of showing off to the world your company; you may as well share it. Especially on places that are relevant to your video.
  5. Make sure you utilize key words in your titles, descriptions and wherever you can tag your video.
  6. Look for more places than just to post it. Retailers and brands are looking all over the internet to find you.

Good luck and happy filming!

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