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Company Highlight – Willy Washers

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Do you play washers  and/or ladder golf? These are great outdoor games to play while tailgating, camping, or  at  a BBQ. Thunk It International, LLC has  invented Willy Washers Pick Em’ Up Stick and Caddy, for the washers’ and ladder golf aficionado.  The best accessory  there is to make playing  more  fun.  You toss Em’, he gets Em’  Bad back?  Bad Knees?  No problem!  Willy does all the work so you can have all the fun!

Willy Washers has received its’ design patent and the utility patent will be forthcoming in the near future. We first developed this product for the washers’ game. Constructed with a super strong rare earth neodymium magnet Willy is capable of lifting upwards to five pounds. This telescopic pole is designed to retrieve a player’s washers without the need for bending or stooping. The telescopic pole allows the device to retract to the perfect size of nine inches.  It was designed this way so you can fit four in one game box for easy travel.  It also serves as a caddy to hold your washers firmly in place when not at play.

But why limit Willy to just playing washers?  Willy is available with a ladder golf accessory  which attaches to the neodymium magnet.  This attachment has a hook which retrieves a players bolas.  That’s right Willy’s got your bolas!

Now you can pick up your game pieces  from hard to reach places and keeps your hands clean.

Willy Washers was also designed with a hook so it can hang easily at your side while at play, or from a chair, a fence, or just about anywhere so that it is easily accessible during the game.  Willy makes it possible for the physically challenged and the elderly to enjoy the game of washers or ladder golf. This is not just a stick with a magnet on the end.  Willy Washers has personality and brings life to the party!  Currently available in six personalities:  Athletic, Chillin, Racing, Patriotic, Surfer, and Just Plain Willy.  We anticipate expanding the personalities of Willy Washers and are goal is to someday obtain licensing for our tailgating fans.

Willy’s got your back!  So Grab Your Willy, and Lets Toss a Few.

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