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Company Highlight – Big Button Upholstery

Big Button Upholstery is committed to designing and creating furniture as art. Our products are meant to be loved and used while they continue to delight.  Whether restoring antique or vintage furniture or creating new one- of- a- kind pieces, our specialty is bespoke furniture, tailored individually to each client.

Our historic furniture is meticulously restored by master craftsmen and rebuilt using traditional methods of fine English wood finishing and upholstery.  We build our upholstered furniture seats, backs and arms to suit the particular needs and tastes of our clients in their choice of seating firmness or softness. And unlike foam, traditional upholstery is meant to last for decades. Over 13 layers of webbing, springs, linen, hessian, cotton felt and calico go into our chairs and the difference is immediately noticeable.

Our main product line, is unique, one-of-a-kind designs which we custom print on a variety of natural fabrics and use for four furniture upholstery. We both design our own themed lines and work with customers to design custom-made creations. Once the design has been printed on our linen, cotton, or linen- cotton blend fabrics we upholster existing furniture or make something brand new. The result is a piece of furniture art that is both unique and exclusive.  Headboards in any size, footstools and ottoman boxes in our original art fabrics are amongst our most popular products.

Big Button Upholstery is a favorite resource for designers seeking exceptional creations and finer products. Our imaginative approach and high quality merchandise caters to the many lifestyle needs of interior designers and retail boutiques.

We pride ourselves in the absolute commitment to craftsmanship that it takes to get the piece just right.

The lead designers and craftspeople at Big Button Upholstery were trained and certified in the UK at the Upholstery Workshop in Salisbury and by Britain’s leading restoration experts. Big Button Upholstery is based in Ithaca, New York.

Big Button Principals :

Robert Nicholas – Bob has had a lifelong love of antiques and has been restoring furniture for almost forty years. He has received expert training in all facets of restoration from the late John Samwells in Twyford, Berkshire and Peter Thompson in Fowey, Cornwall.

Elayne Cassidy Nicholas  –  the serendipitous spotting of an ad for the Upholstery Workshop, Wiltshire, led Elayne to a career change that dovetails her passion for decorating, design and craft . Many of the fabric themes available at Big Button Upholstery are inspired by Elayne’s education in medieval studies and her interest in British folklore and history.


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