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Company Highlight – Mii Shoes

Have you ever felt that those high heels you use do not totally meet your needs? Is there any detail that you would like to change in order for them to look absolutely perfect? Found the shoe of your dreams but would like to have the chance to see them in another color?

Based on these questions we created a brand that could give solutions to the needs of this market niche. Miishoes is a premium feminine shoe brand with super trendy models that allows you to personalize the models with colors, textures, accessories, and heels. And for your comfort, you can personalize them on our site: and receive at home.

After having the experience of creating your own model and made your purchase in our site, comes the magic of our business.

We are a young team of professionals that work with specialists in the production of luxury shoes in Portugal.  We work with the best national artisans that will produce each shoe manually, dedicating all their expertise to details and comfort, factors that mass productions cannot obtain so easily.

That said, miishoes is able to put together technology, design and fashion with quality so well recognized to our artisans that dominate the art of producing a luxury shoe. also supports a national project of social responsibility.  Rumo(s) ao Sul is a project that belongs to the “Leigos para o Desenvolvimento”, whose goal is to contribute to the local development of south area of S. Tomé´s island, – Porto Alegre. In partnership with this NGO, supports this action through the donation of 5% of the value of each pair of shoes sold.


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