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Making Tradshows Better

The economy seems to be stabilizing a bit, however we all want to see more sales coming in. As diversified as the retail market is, there is a trade show for almost every category. According to the magazine, Meetings and Conventions, the average trade show lead costs roughly $96. This does not sound so bad; until you calculate the cost of closing the sale from the tradeshow it is going to cost you $2188. Every business is different and to some that may sound like a good deal, but you can increase your odds by doing a better job of displaying at the tradeshow itself.

Here are a couple of tips:

1. Use technology – with tablet technology so affordable, set up a product presentation utilizing the tablet. This can be as easy as putting your PowerPoint slide on a rotating presentation. Moving pictures grabs attention and helps steer people towards your booth.

2. Giveaways – people love the opportunity to win something, it is even better if the giveaway is somewhat interactive. We had people enter in to a putting contest to be entered in to the drawing. This was a simple $45 practice putting area with a hole at the end. When the show was over, we gave away the putter.

3. Be welcoming – have a place for people to sit down. As the show lingers on, the more inviting your place is the more they will come. Many people get tired of walking around and want a place to sit and talk. If you have an open chair and table, they are likely to sit longer and listen to your presentation.

4. People – Have enough people to be able to talk to each person that comes to your booth. There is nothing worse than having someone stop by and no one is able to talk to him or her.

5. Product – This is why they are in your booth, make sure that they can see, touch and feel the product. If you can afford sample, give them away. If they have it in their hands when they get home, they are more likely to remember the experience.

6. Follow-up – Be sure to follow up with them, as each lead is what you went to the show for. They are not as likely to follow up with you, so you need to follow up with them.

Trade shows can be a wonderful place to meet perspective customers, be sure to use that time to your advantage.


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