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Product Highlight – Billboard Mats

Billboard Mats has a new and innovative way to use your retail space as a profit center. Use your floor mats for advertising and product awareness.

The customer (usually a retail chain) buys the “base mat”. This is essentially a frame for the advertising panel and is made of very sturdy polypropylene fiber. It also has a vinyl back panel making it slip-resistant on the floor.
In the center rectangular opening, they easily and inexpensively place our thin, vinyl backed advertising insert which we print with your image…photo-quality, four-color process, dye sublimation printing.

You’ll see the clarity with which we can reproduce any high quality artwork…this is seldom if ever done on carpet.

Imagine a retailer having the base mat and then selling the ad space to vendors who want to be seen right at the point of purchase! The mat becomes a profit center for the retailer where it has always been an expense. Better than vinyl floor graphics, the mat can be picked up and moved where it’s needed throughout the store. It is also a great end-aisle display sitting in a drive aisle right in front of a feature end-cap.

Our standard Billboard Mat is 4’X3′ and made for retail. This mat has a 3′ X 2′ advertising insert.

We also have Movie Mats which come in a single mat or a triple runner. And it all started with SAF-T-MAT which is the triangle-shaped version designed for the corners of boxing rings. Now being used by promoters in New York and sanctioned by the New York State Athletic Commission.

Billboard Mats are ready to roll into the retail market.

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for more information, email:  or call 804-366-3302

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