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Company Spotlight – Goose Pond

Goose Pond is a small Maine company, specializing in Christmas ornaments and jewelry since 1982.
Nature, wildlife, whimsical, traditional, floral and nautical designs are included – over 100 to choose from in gold or silver, many 3 dimensional or with moving parts.

24k gold  or rhodium plating ensures a tarnish-free heirloom quality finish and our pieces can be cleaned, if necessary, with any jewelry cleaner.

All items come individually boxed, with information about the product. Christmas ornaments include a special decorative hook for hanging.

Select pieces for your own collection, or to give as gifts to others.   These will last for many years, and we hope you will pass them on to your children and grandchildren as many  others have.

Inspired by nature, dream images, and the world around us, we continue to add new designs each year for our collectors.  All products are original designs, made in the U.S.A.

Custom work is a specialty, and we are happy to quote pricing for logo, landmark, fundraising or brand-identity pieces.

Find our more about us and shop on our secure website:

Find great retailers and products at


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