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Company Highlight – Mr. Ellie Pooh

Mr. Ellie Pooh LLC is an Earth-friendly Fair Trade company making exotic gifts and paper made partially out of elephant poo!  Elephants in Sri Lanka are being killed at an alarming rate.  Humans are encroaching on elephant habitats and cutting down trees.  When elephants come looking for food, they are shot and killed.

Our mission is to is to reduce some of the Human/Elephant conflict that is ongoing.  We plan to open handmade paper facilities in rural areas, train local villagers to make paper and hire artisans to embellish our goods.  We believe that this newly created industry can directly contribute to the local economy.  Our hopes are that such an initiative will self educate the villagers into living, working and respecting  the elephant.  Have them look at the elephants more as an asset instead of as a threat.

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