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Company Spotlight – Casualmere

Luxury T-shirts and tops by Casualmere® brand, made of 100% bamboo viscose knit, are perfect for travel, …or casual wear when you want to stand above the crowd in appearance and in ultra-soft comfort.

Casuamere® brand bamboo T-shirts for men and women are made with extra design features.

A narrow no-roll collar …double stitch seams at the shoulder and arm hole …stitched side-seams not circular tube knits …side-seam slits at both sides of the bottom …and with a small subtle Casualmere® 4 bamboo sticks logo imprinted at the bottom side edge.

The breathable knit Casualmere® bamboo fabric feels light weight when worn but is about 30% more fabric …and is heavier …than comparable cotton T-shirts.

In addition to the men’s basic short sleeve, crew-neck style, Casualmere® makes a close-fit, V-Neck style in short sleeves …and a Long Sleeve version of the basic crew neck style.

The other bamboo men’s shirt option is the Casualmere® golf shirt, which features a standard knit collar …and a longer 3 button placket for style and comfort.  Casualmere® bamboo fabric is breathable …important for golf …or any active life-style wearing …and moisture wicking to keep you dry.

Anecdotal reports from many customers state that the fabric also does not retain perspiration odor on hot and humid days…a significant bonus.  We can report that one can wear even a black Casualmere® T-shirt …or golf shirt in the heat of Las Vegas summers and be perfectly …and unexpectedly …very comfortable.  And of course they are washable.

The fine …thin …strong fiber of bamboo also results in a fine knit that folds in a smaller space … that takes about 1/3 the space in a suitcase as a standard cotton or polyester shirt.  So …for travel you have a lot more options of colors and styles you can pack in the same space.  …As ardent roll-aboard luggage fans we find that extremely good feature.  (We hate waiting at luggage carousels).

For men …or women …Casualmere® tops are great holiday gifts, especially the long sleeve versions as they are EXCELLENT layering garments next to the skin.  They arrive packaged elegantly for gift giving at any time of the year.  And remember, you will want more than one.

And for those of you in the dating whirl …its a great …elegant …classy …flowy …sexy soft …touchable …eco-friendly garment for any occasion.  (Let us know your results) and send us a photo of you in your Casualmere …win some free Casualmere.

While it is still winter layer your Casualmere bamboo top under a sweater or other top, you will be amazed at the warmth… even though it feels light weight.  Insulation depends on the air layers between the elements and your body …Casualmere is the most comfortable layer …in the softest fabric …you will have in your wardrobe.

Casualmere® bamboo knit T-shirts are breathable and even the black and dark colors are comfortable in the most hot and humid climate …its true …try it.

You won’t find Casualmere® on sale at department stores or discount stores …we don’t sell to them …Casualmere® tops are basics and never marked down.  Their value is timeless.

Casualmere® is excellent for travel for all the reasons above as well as the fact it packs so compactly you can go for a week and still just use a roll-on bag.  You will love it.  Spend time vacationing instead of waiting at a baggage carousel.



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