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Company Spotlight – Handful – Best Bra Ever

I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Ferguson, the founder and CEO of Handful, at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City last month. She gave me one of her bra’s to take home to my wife, who is a fitness enthusiast. The next morning my wife came how from the Gym, walked in our bedroom and said with great enthusiasm, “BEST BRA EVER!”.

Founded in 2006 by Jennifer Ferguson, a 23 year veteran fitness instructor, handful brought to market a sports bra that is designed to flatter, not flatten.  After initially debuting in black and white in small, medium and large sizes, the company has since adjusted its sizing to include an extra-small and they added nude, cocoa and pink to the palette.

The handful bra is unique because it is so much more than a sports bra. It is an every day, every activity bra for the modern, active woman that can take her from workout to weekend, and all stops in between. The molded foam handful pads provide coverage and lift to give women one…make that two…less things to worry about. This is the one bra that does it all, suiting an on-the-go lifestyle that this all-female company understands well. They believe women want to be comfortable and sexy, wearing a bra that is functional and fashionable. For the small-breasted athlete, the handful bra will support them in any endeavor, whether a marathon or a jog around the block.

The handful bra is made for women who prioritize fitness and active sports but who also face the pressures of modern life, where all too often a passion for sport must be squeezed in among everything else that demands their time. Why think about having to change your bra to suit your activity? Why can’t there be one bra that works no matter what life throws your way? The handful bra was designed to be not only a sports bra but a wardrobe essential, a beautiful layering piece that can peek out under a top. The women at handful believe a woman should look and feel her best from the moment she puts on her foundation garment to start each day.

The handful bra has reached runners and fitness enthusiasts nationwide, and they love it. The company continues to focus on connecting with other athletes, fitness and outdoor enthusiasts (yoga, cycling, climbing, team sports, etc) who would benefit from the ease and comfort of the handful bra.  Its moisture-wicking, fast drying properties make it a great fit for those market segments.

The company is extremely proud of the fact that their product is an approved mastectomy bra with generously cut pockets that can accommodate extra handful pads or silicone prosthetics. The company has made it a priority to understand the needs of the breast cancer survivor community to better support them.

2012 will be an exciting year for the brand.  The company is preparing to launch two new products in late spring for women in all of the above market segments:  1) the adjustable handful bra and 2) the handful tank.  To prepare for these product launches, they are closing out nude, cocoa and pink original handful bras for $28 (regular retail $40) but will continue to offer the original handful bras in black and white. 

All handful products are created with versatility in mind.  Each must satisfy the active, busy lifestyle requirements of their customers and maintain high performance in the areas of function, fit and fashion.  The company’s mantra?  “Look your best. Feel your best. Perform your best.”  And their tagline says it all: “You’re active.  You’re versatile.  You’re one of a kind.  You’re a handful!” – The place for brands and retailers to connect!


One comment on “Company Spotlight – Handful – Best Bra Ever

  1. betty
    February 21, 2012

    awesome company

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