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Company Spotlight – Buzz Killers

The Buzz Killers have invented an affordable, easy-to-use solution to a common problem: mobile phone interference in audio devices like desktop speakers, alarm clock radios, baby monitors, and conference call speakers. The annoying buzz is caused by phones transmitting to mobile towers. The electromagnetic pulses are picked up in speakers as a “dat dat dat” noise, annoying everyone who hears it!

How It Works: The Buzz Killer technology creates a slight EM shield which eliminates the buzzing. All you do is place your phone on the Card and the buzz disappears, without interfering with calls, texts or voice mails.
The Cards are great gifts for office-mates, stocking stuffers, birthdays or just to enjoy a buzz-free environment.  Sleep in peace with your phone next to the clock radio or baby monitor.  Listen to music at your desk without the tell-tell “I’m getting a text” buzz buzz buzz!
The Cards come in a variety of colors and styles to appeal to everyone.  They can be bulk ordered with a custom design.
The Buzz Killer Card – Keep your cell to yourself!

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