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Company Spotlight – Salvatos – The Folding Sandal


Salvatos are revolutionary patented folding flip flops, for those moments in life you wish you had a spare pair of comfortable flip flops in your bag. Don’t give up on the things you love! Just put Salvatos folding flip flops in your bag and forget about ever saying “NO” when all you really want to say is “YES”!

Sivan and Mor Shalom, entrepreneur sisters based in Israel, founded Stand Alone Ltd in 2010, the Salvatos exclusive producer and owner of the patent.
The idea came after a night of agony on high heels as Mor came out of a concert suffering from her beautiful stilettos. A second before walking barefoot Mor thought to herself; “I wish I had a pair of comfortable shoes packed in my bag.”
Mor shared the idea with Sivan and having been raised by entrepreneurs, the two sisters decided to go for it and bring the Salvation of Salvatos to all women around the globe.

Starting the development the two sisters knew one thing – the product must be comfortable enough to walk on all day long and flexible enough to fold in half and easily pack into a small case. Another important goal was to keep those measurable toes in an “open environment” after suffering for so many hours. And so the decision was made to develop folding flip flops instead of shoes. Now 2 years later Salvatos folding flip flops are sold in shops all over Japan, India and the Philippines. The Salvatos line offers 13 solid colors and 9 printed models, allowing women to dress as elegantly as they like, daring to wear the highest heel they have in their wardrobe, knowing that Salvatos are there to save them at any time.

Our vision:

“To turn Salvatos into a world leading brand, offering women, men and kids the comfort of having everything you need packed in your

The Founders

Sivan Shalom

After finishing her military service in the Israeli Air Force Intelligence, Sivan traveled the world and lived in
different cities such as New York, London, Melbourne and Dresden.
Returning to Israel Sivan ran the European operation of Proportzia Ltd, the largest Israeli chain of clinics for
plastic surgeries and esthetic treatments from Budapest, Hungary.
A few years later she established Stand Alone Ltd with her sister Mor, wishing to manifest her abilities as an independent entrepreneur.
Sivan is a fast learner & a doer with excellent negotiation skills, big picture point of view, and steaming energies. No one knows the foldable footwear market better than Sivan as she believes that everything starts with good intelligence.

Her passion to meet new people, create sophisticated solutions for primitive needs and give all this back to the
community are leading her way.

Mor Shalom

Well organized, detailed and a creative manager. Mor has fulfilled hard and demanding rolls from a very young age and excelled in all of them, maintaining high morals and has built a reputation of a perfectionist that is capable of putting things in order no matter how chaotic the situation is.

Mor joined the Proportzia team in 2007, establishing new clinics in different areas and cities in Israel and putting the foundations for many of the future managers while developing a training course, being used to this day. With a super original way of looking at things, Mor is always in search of the next venture. Her brain is an invention machine that keeps surprising, with crazy ideas and concepts.

Her wish is to always put the customer’s interests first while keeping the focus on the small details. Creating the big picture is the true inspiration of her path.

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