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XPOS3 – A case study in retail efficiency

Are Looking for a point of sale solutions? You have but everyone offers you the same basic solution, your business is not a standard retail, you need something specific to your industry. Looking for a powerful POS solution like large retail chain have for an affordable price.

That you are a Food retailer like a bakery, Butcher shop, Candy store, Grocery store. Gift store, A café, Fashion or clothing store, florist or garden center. We have a solution for you.

XPOS3 is a software solution with customer worldwide. Our management team  has over 75 years of retail experience. Don’t look further we have the solution for you.

Are you tired of training staff again & again, XPOS3 can help, our  Item information page available at the POS terminal level,  combined with the item picture, make it a Powerful tools for your sale team. Many customers told us they have reduce their training time by 75%. All this in conjunction with our stock/ inventory tracking, on pos inventory management tools, direct Purchase order emailed directly to the supplier and much more. XPOS3 is the perfect tools for all retailers.

Integrated Gift & Loyalty card solutions, Credit cards, website shopping cart interface.

See below what one of our customer say’s about us.

“This is literally ”found money” that we did not collect before because of errors”

-Louise Turgeon, La Baguette

Who is La Baguette

La Baguette is a French bakery located in the Granville Island Market in Vancouver, BC. Specializing in handcrafted fresh breads and pastries that are made daily, La Baguette also offers special occasion cakes, baguette sandwiches, and cheeses and specialties imported from France. With over 20 full-time and part-time employees, La Baguette is a key bakery operation in Vancouver, with a wide range of fine baked goods.

The Challenge

La Baguette, although a very popular and successful bakery in the Granville Island Market, was not immune to having its share of operation problems and issues. Staff turnover, inaccurate pricing of items, and difficulty keeping track of a vast variety of bakery goods

were all problems that La Baguette faced. La Baguette wanted to find a solution to these issues without sacrificing  valuable counter space or investing too much learning time into a new system.

The bakery was using a traditional cash register prior to the XPOS3 makeover, which limited La Baguette’s ability to manage and track daily operations. Hand calculations of sales and inventory were becoming too cumbersome and most importantly, inaccurate.

The Solution

The XPOS3 Bakery Edition running on a Partner Tech PT-8800 POS terminal was called in as a solution for La Baguette. XPOS3 appealed to La Baguette because it was one of the only systems designed specifically for bakery stores. The easy to use picture icons of each product item made it a breeze for staff to identify and select products to ring up a sale. Of course, a great system only runs as well as the hardware it is running on, which is why the Partner Tech PT-8800 POS terminal was installed.

Limited counter space being an issue at La Baguette (and almost any bakery or shop, for that matter), the PT-8800 fit into the bakery’s counter line up perfectly. Providing both function and aesthetics to the shop, the PT-8800 was a welcome addition to La Baguette.

The Outcome

XPOS3 Bakery Edition, La Baguette experienced many improvements in both day to day operations and overall profits.  Staff turnovers were reduced by a staggering 75%, as staff members were happier with the simplicity the system offered. No longer would they have to memorize the extensive list of items and their prices, as they were all listed in detail with pictures on the PT-8800’s touch screen monitor.

Accuracy in order processing was one of the biggest and most welcome improvements at La Baguette. With every transaction now being charged the correct amount, La Baguette found itself taking in an extra $600 per week, selling the same items and in the same quantities to the same customers! Needless to say, this was a very welcome surprise to La Baguette.

Staff management was also improved with the new system, as employee sales history could now clearly be tracked and analyzed. La Baguette’s management could now see which staff member was selling the most, and reward those staff members accordingly.


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