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Some times it is just worth it to have a conversation with customers to get a good reality check.

I was talking to a brand that will be a part of and the launch of our service.

She voiced some frustration about how great her product is but she has some distinct pain points.

  1. Communication to all of her stores is difficult due to how her line is growing in both customers and products.
  2. Launching of new products has proven difficult because of the time that is needed to call, email and communicate all that is needed to launch the product.
  3. Relying on others (independent or in house sales people) can be a slow process due to the amount of time it takes to get out and see each customer.
  4. Updated pricing information is hard to communicate and even harder to implement.

As we talked, it reinforced the need of our solution.

With, you will be able to communicate in four distinctive ways:

  1. Instant updates – Like Facebook, you will be able to do instant updates to every person within your network. This will give you the ability to provide information about products, specials and pricing to all your customers immediately.
  2. Personal interaction – You can send messages to each store individually based through personal messages.
  3. Ordering – The customers will be able to order from the site, and you will be able to confirm, provide tracking numbers and any comments associated with the shipment, all in one place.
  4. Product Information/pricing – There is not a need to reprint your pricing pages or call your webmaster to update the back end of your website, just change the pricing information in your own store at

We are entrepreneurs and understand how difficult it is to communicate with customers, especially as customers come from around the world. We hope that you will join us in launching, we look forward to helping you grown and expand your business!


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