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Ladythom Shoes – Company Spotlight

Established in 2010, Ladythom shoes are the essential foreplay between the fundamental and the ornamental. Designed in Canada, traded fairly, crafted from luxury leathers, and slowly finished by hand by Peruvian maestros, these works of design and love will be as close to you as they are to us.

Every pair of Ladythom shoes advances subtle signs of distinction that defy all possible comparison. They fit in as much as they stand out.  Setting you apart at any occasion, they assert a nobility of style.

Unlike other brands, Ladythom shoes come available in a variety of widths. Many of our styles are also available in a wide range of sizes that can be worn by men and women alike.

Influenced by present as much as past fashion, Ladythom shoes revere tradition and craft, yet they are truly modern. They are designed with permanence in mind rather than with the passing pleasures of a single season.  Moreover, we think that Ladythoms may be collected one day and so we make them to trump the years.  We imagine that fifty years from now you could find them in a vintage shop, dashing as ever, waiting to be loved again.


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