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The Adventures of Scuba Jack – Product Spotlight

Scuba Jack’s EXTREME Pre-School DVD Adventures!
Imagine being up close to a whale, or following a dolphin pod as they glide across the clear tropical waters, or uncovering the amazing world of hermit
crabs while they look for a new shell to dwell in.  Each episode of the Adventures of Scuba Jack is a wildy funny adventure, where Scuba Jack Explores the breathtaking wonders of our planet and the Amazing creatures that inhabit it.  A child’s Curiosity about the world Soars as they experience these Animal Powered Adventures!  You’ll find up close Excitement around every corner!  So sit back and let your Imagination Skyrocket as Scuba Jack Embarks on these Splashy Adventures!

The Farm:  A Fantastic Flippers Adventure!

Yes, that’s right, Scuba Jack and friends are headed for Grandma’s Farm– Flippers and all!  Meet all lthe BARNYARD animals and watch a baby chick hatch!  Sing the ABC’S, Count to 10 and then to 100!  Learn Shapes, colors and the Months of the Year!  Plant a seed and watch it Grow!  Join Scuba Jack as he Explores Richardson’s Farm in Middleton, Massachusetts and Discovers how to milk a cow and care for the calves!  Laugh as Scuba Jack is Transported to Extraordinary places by Paco the Pelican and the often short circuiting Starlink 2000!



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