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Product Spotlight – Eyecandy Eye Coolers


We’ve all seen the images—towel-wrapped spa-goers relaxing with slices of chilled cucumbers over their eyes; it looks serene and decadent…until you actually try it! Besides the obvious hurdle of having a cucumber handy in the fridge when you need it, the slippery, sliding, seedy mess that often accompanies placing fruit on our faces leaves a lot to be desired. Enter EVLooks, LLC’s eyecandy soothing eye coolers.

Launched into the marketplace in August of 2010, eyecandy soothing eye coolers were developed by two sisters who loved the idea of relaxing with cucumbers for soothing their eyes, but who believed there had to be a far cleaner and ‘cuter’ way to achieve the same results. eyecandy coolers are reusable, chill-able, candy-colored soft gel rounds which work quickly to de-puff the eye area, relieve allergy symptoms, minimize dark circles, and provide some immediate relaxation. They come in four fun colors/styles—Classic Chillin’ Cucumber (green), Cotton Candy Pink, Sugared Ice Blue, and Tart n’ Tangy Tangerine, and are currently available for purchase in more than 75 spas, salons, and gift shops around the country, as well as on the EVLooks/eyecandy website,

eyecandy coolers have been lauded in media outlets such as REDBOOK, Bella Magazine, Huffington Post, AOL Patch, Destinations Magazine, WGN-TV Chicago, and The Gift Insider as an affordable beauty ‘must-have’, and a unique gift idea for moms, brides, teachers, post-op patients, travelers, teenagers, and more!

To use, simply chill the set of gel rounds in a refrigerator, ice bucket, or briefly in the freezer and they will stay cool on your eyes for approximately 10 minutes—the perfect about of ME-time to carve out of a busy day. Ahhhhh.

For more info on EVLooks, LLC or eyecandy products, please visit us on Facebook: eyecandy-soothing-eye-coolers, or Twitter: @eyecandycoolers.





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