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Store Highlight – Eco Chic Baby

What is Eco Chic Baby and how exactly do you say it?

Nooo its not “Eko Chick” Its Eco as in Green and Chic as in upscale unique! Though funny people now call me the “Eko Chic” and I just let them because saying Its actually Eco Chic just gets me raised eyebrows.

We are  mama owned and run , well technically mother & daughter run shop on Main Sreet in Downtown Vacaville. I have such a love for Vacaville, passion for unique sustainable things as well as creating a good vibe downtown I though why not??? Though many people say our store belongs in L.A , Davis, San Francisco or  Walnut Creek Id like to think Vacaville is the perfect place for Eco Chic. If you are not local don’t worry we have a great online store, blog, facebook page & newsletter so you can join this amazing community.

Now is everything in our store Organic or Eco..not exactly but I would say 95% of it is. We have turned away several main stream brands as honestly that is what Target, Walmart & Babies R us are for right? We want to offer what you can’t get at those places on top of exceptional customer Service, resources, classes  and  locally handmade items. Where else can you find personal care & service,  handmade clothing &  USA made toys around???

We have a great Nursing Mothers room with nursing  pillow, couch & changing table. I know how it feels to go into a shop and have to leave to go nurse in the car. I also know how it feels to have your toddler in tow and hope they don’t break anything. We have a great little chair & some books just for your toddler while you are checking out.

Selling these fantastic items is only part of what we do. We offer classes, events and free workshops such as Baby Wearing  Cloth Diaper 101, breastfeeding education, infant CPR, Baby Signs & so much more.  Between Baby & Birthday Registry’s, Childbirth Classes, playgroups and our new handmade items how could you stay away from this place?

We want to keep things fresh and new so we change out our hair accessories (headbands, clips etc) as well as the fabrics for our dresses, burp cloths & blankets so you don’t see the same thing over and over as well as you can give and get unique new things that not everyone else has! We will continue  to also add new lines but always keep a open roomy boutique you can push your stroller thru (someone said amen to that)!

Supporting stores such as Eco Chic is supporting more than a store, you are supporting the resources we offer such as breastfeeding help, childbirth tips, potty training etc. As well as stimulating our local economy.

When you pay $40 for a handmade dress know half of it went to the local mama that made it with love and the rest goes to keeping Eco Chic going. When you buy a $27 dump truck(that wont break) from Green toys you are buying from a Green Company right out of san Francisco. When you shop at “the big guys” (which is hard to avoid I understand) your money goes mainly to “internationals” & Corporates.

We want to see more Eco Chics in California  & beyond. With your help and support  that can happen. I can’t tell you how many families have said they have waited for something like this to be local, they have driven to Berkley to see cloth diapers in person, get help with the baby carrier they don’t know how to put on or just be able to browse in a boutique they actually can afford the items in.

Keeping it local also keeps it affordable, we don’t want to mark up prices and do  “sales”. We want to give you the bottom line price on our items- even competitive with online which is hard to do these days.

I hope when you are shopping for gifts or your baby, toddler or one you know you will consider our store. We are also not just a “baby” shop we carry items for ages 0-5 along with green household products and organic vitamins.

Another awesome thing we have available her at Eco Chic also known as ECB is Cloth Diaper Socials. We have several cloth diaper specialist ready to come to your home,school,community group and more to show the basics & benefits of cloth diapering.

If you like to connect with us please fan our Facebook page (Eco Chic Baby), follow us on Twitter (EcoChicBaby), subscribe to our newsletter via facebook or our website @ As always you can shoot me an email or call anytime.



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This entry was posted on March 2, 2012 by in Baby, Beauty, Childrens Clothing, Childrens Products, Made in the USA.
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