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Product Highlight – Lean Snack

You know about the importance of exercise and eating healthy, yet snacking often sabotages your efforts. Like 66% of Americans, you’re not alone in your need for better alternatives.

Until now, you’ve been missing the one key ingredient that can make life a whole lot easier. Lean Snack – The Ideal Lite Meal is the premier snack replacement product that more and more people are trusting to help discipline their eating habits while promoting health and fitness.

Our 100% natural chocolate shake is a hybrid snack food/specialty iced coffee and iced tea mix that will lift your energy for hours without added stimulants, will burn fat and help reduce your waistline, and will hold you over between solid meals. And has an amazing taste! As a pre-workout drink, you’ll feel stronger and go longer; as a post-workout drink, you’ll be able to speed muscle recovery and results.

Lean Snack is a “functional food” made in a USA GMP-certified facility. One serving provides effective amounts of green tea equal to 5+ cups (the amount needed for medicinal benefits), with 500 mg. of EGCg green tea extract, and 2,000 mg. of healthy CLA omega-6 fat from Tonalin. Each serving also has natural alpha lipoic acid (R-ALA), vitamins, flavonoids, 4 grams of fiber, and working doses of probiotics and digestive enzymes. You get all of this in a whole-food base of brown rice, whey and egg protein, and pure cocoa powder.

Just 75 calories in water, each shake boosts metabolism and provides antioxidant protection equal to 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables! Moreover, each serving has just 1 gram of sugar! Instead, we use a high quality stevia with no aftertaste. There are no weird chemical additives that you can’t pronounce. It is gluten-free, lactose and diabetic friendly. In the long run, you’ll have better control over your weight and overall health.

We’ve been told that it has an uncommonly good flavor for a “health drink.” Just mix it in 6-8 oz. of cold water. If desired, try adding a touch of cinnamon, vanilla or natural fruit extracts for variety. It’ll always satisfy.

Or, for a truly delicious refreshment and potent fat-burning blend of green tea extract and caffeine, try it in unsweetened chilled or iced black coffee or regular unsweetened iced tea. With the coffee, you’ll get the energy of an espresso with the feeling of treating yourself to a “lite” mochaccino. In tea, you’ll get twice the energy, more vitamins and minerals, and all the benefits of a healthy snack. The tea and cocoa provide a pleasantly unique flavor. Either way, iced coffee and tea fans will have one of the healthiest specialty drinks found anywhere.With Lean Snack, today’s discerning consumer now has a healthier snack option that also helps with losing or maintaining weight, while gaining more energy naturally. Now, one can get the benefits of green tea extract, pure cocoa, and iced coffee or tea, all rolled into one!


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