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Product Spotlight – Fiber Pasta


FiberPasta Srl is based in Italy (Monsano, in the Marche Region).  Giuseppe Polverini is the inventor of FiberPasta and belongs to the fourth generation of a miller family.  He says that “FiberPasta is the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation; it represents the authentic taste of Italian tradition and the health benefits of fibre”

FiberPasta company is specialized in the production of high fiber and low glycemic index food, the main product is the pasta FiberPasta:  it is a unique durum wheat pasta approved by the Italian Ministry of Health as being “suitable for people suffering from diabetes” (Ministerial Decree n.600.12/8114 of year 2001) .

FiberPasta has a certified Glicemic Index of 23 and contains 15% fiber (included 2% inulin vegetable fiber), that means more than double the amount of fibre contained in whole-wheat pasta, while still being able to offer the same great taste of traditional Italian pasta. The high fiber amount slows the absorption of fat and sugar and hence a delay and reduction of glycemic peak.

Thanks to its dietetic and functional properties, FiberPasta is useful for people suffering from overweight (it’s a low-calorie pasta and provides a prolonged satiety sensation), diabetes, cholesterol, constipation. FiberPasta is also very suitable for sport diets, thanks to the fact that allows a slow absorption of sugar enabling the human body to retain energy for all the day.


For people who need to loose weight, the regular use of FiberPasta instead of traditional pasta is really effective. We tested this product on overweight persons: regularly eating 100g of FiberPasta daily (within the context of a balanced diet and lifestyle) they lost about 3 kg just after the first month, and without any sacrifice! We can really affirm that you can lose weight eating plentiful FiberPasta portions!

FIBERPASTA FOR treating gestational diabetes
FiberPasta is recommended to help women with gestational diabetes, whose main treatment is following a diet rich in low G.I. foods. The high fiber content of FiberPasta slows down carbohydrate absorption  and reduces the glycemic peak.


FiberPasta is very useful to treat constipation, a very widely spread problem nowadays. Eating enough fiber is the most important key to treating constipation. FiberPasta contains 15% fiber (more than twice the fibre as whole-wheat pasta). The amount of fiber also includes inulin fiber: inulin is an excellent soluble dietary fibre that promotes digestive health and stimulates the production of beneficial bacteria in the colon.  While you increase your fiber intake, you should drink enough fluid in order to maintain adequate hydration the body.


A diet rich in fiber is recommended for children in order to fight against childhood obesity and diabetes. It is often difficult to persuade children to eat vegetables (as children’s fibre intake), so FiberPasta can replace the lack of fiber.

FiberPasta is a completely natural product protected by patent: it uses a unique transformation physical  process which converts durum wheat semolina and inulin fiber into a final product useful for human health.

FiberPasta is prescribed by nutritionists, dieticians, diabetologists and sport doctors.

FiberPasta company always takes care to new tendencies in the food market, where more and more people realize the benefits of eating healthy. We strongly promote a healthy nutrition as fundamental in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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