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Heaven’s Alchemy Exquisite Perfumes

Scott and Michele, the husband and wife team behind Heaven’s Alchemy, had a vision: a global, green and gorgeous line of pure perfumes. They brought this dream to life by creating fragrances that allow the wearer to experience the thrill of romance, travel and adventure through the eyes of different cultures.  Each perfume honors the spirit of women from various cities around the world. Scott’s business acumen and experience in the highly demanding semi-conductor industry combined with Michele’s degrees in Anthropology and French produced breathtaking results!

The Heaven’s Alchemy line consists of 15 exquisite pure perfumes, from Alexandria to Zanzibar, faithfully capturing the essence of these romantic, passionate cities. Candles, diffusers, spa products and other elegant, custom creations are also available. Scott and Michele are private label experts and enjoy bringing each customer’s unique vision to life.

Their team holds to the highest standards in the marketplace, both in their products and in their business practices. Heaven’s Alchemy contains no alcohol, no parabens, no phthalates, no color additives and no animal by products. Of course these perfumes are never tested on animals. Even the beautiful gift box is made from 90% post-consumer recycled paperboard. All products are created exclusively and sustainably in the USA.

Scott grew up in the Eastern Hemisphere, while Michele grew up in the West. Both came from small towns where education was a luxury and men had a clear advantage. After connecting in California, they found that they shared the same passion for a “better life through education, for all people, and especially women.” Today, being the parents of two young girls, one grown son (and Sugar, the family dog), their company supports educational foundations, such as Hidden Hills Hawks Education Fund, John Knox Coop Preschool, and Coyote Creek Education Fund.

Michele told us, “[She] find[s] that people are fascinated with other cultures and can explore them with these scents.” And that, “We’re all basically the same. We all value romance, love and beauty. We all seek knowledge. If we experience and appreciate other interpretations of beauty, maybe we could appreciate each other as well. Peace, Love, Perfume!”


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