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I grew up in a suburb of Chicago, one of nine children, raised by parents who were “green” before “green” was cool.  In addition to us children, they raised chickens (fresh eggs every morning) and an organic garden (almost a necessity with so many to feed).  I’ve learned many things from my parents, three of which are at the heart of my online women’s boutique… a love and respect for the earth, the value in buying quality – quality stands the test of time, and not to settle for less than what’s right.

Shopping for clothes nowadays can be a frustrating experience.  So much of what’s available to us is of low quality, mass-produced and way over-priced.  A few months and that top you liked so much when you bought it is now ready for the rag bag.  Disposable clothing?  Not for me!

I know the retail business well and have lived, worked and shopped in Chicago, Boston, New York and now Dallas.  I’m dedicated to offering only quality clothing made of all natural fibers and helping you discover the great feel, style and color of eco-friendly clothes.  “Shop for Snobs” is my passion and I care about each and every visitor to my shop.  I’m always available to answer any questions you may have or help you in any way I can!

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