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Noella Beauty Works

Noella Beauty Works offers an array of mineral cosmetics that are not only good for your skin, but offered at an affordable price. You’ll find everything from Eyeshadows, Foundations, Blushes and Mineral Veils among my product line.
Noella Beauty Works cosmetics are completely natural, non irritating, won’t clog pores and never contain synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens or preservatives. You’ll also never find any Boron Nitrate, Bismuth Oxychloride or fillers like Talc or Cornstarch in my cosmetics- common irritants that are found within other Mineral Makeup brands.
Each and every product and shade is personally handmade and packaged by me in my studio in Rochester, NY.  My cosmetics line began in late 2010  as a sole proprietorship when I was 20 years old and I have sold thousands of products around the world in just over a year and a half. I love what I do and put my heart into my work. The goal of my cosmetic company is to offer affordable products that makeup wearers all over can feel good about putting on their skin, and  feel confident that their makeup is not contributing to common skin aliments such as acne, rosacea and other sensitivities.

Matte Mineral Eyeshadow
Shade: Acai
Description: A beautiful, deep purple with brown undertones. Acai is a matte shade of eyeshadow. Formulated for all skin types and pigmented enough for all skin tones. Lasts all day without creasing, smudging or fading. All shadows come in 5 gram jars, with a sifter and are packed and tapped down for maximum fill. You get 1 gram of concentrated product.
I offer 12 different Matte Finish Eyeshadows.
Price: $4.99

Premium Coverage, Mineral Foundation
Shade: Medium Light
A creamy, smooth mineral blend that leaves your skin flawless and is paired with natural SPF to protect your skin from sun damage. Flawlessly covers blemishes, acne scars, Rosacea, and diffuses the appearance of pores and fine lines. This formula will leave your skin soft, smooth and radiant all day long.
Available in 7 shades from Fair – Deep. At no additional cost, I can customize any shade to fit hard-to-match skin tones.
Available in 2 sizes- A Regular 20 grams jar filled with 5 grams of product as well as a Large, 30 gram jar filled with 10 grams of product
Price: Regular Jar -$15.99
Large Jar – $28.99

Mineral Eyeshadow
Shade: Pistachio
Description: Pistachio is a very light green eyeshadow- perfect for highlighting and for a soft, pretty look. A minty green with a hint of a luminous sheen. Pistachio has a soft shimmer.
I offer over 75 shades of Eyeshadow.
Price: $4.99

Mineral Concealer
Type: Redness Corrector
Description: Rosacea and overall redness are the target of this concealer. A light and airy yellow mineral concealer to buff lightly over unsightly facial redness before regular foundation application.
Redness Corrector comes in a 10 gram jar filled with 3 grams of concentrated product.
Price: $7.49

Mineral Blush
Shade: Bella Noella
Description: The perfect shade to accent cheekbones and add a little sunshine to your complexion.
Bella Noella Blush is a shade specifically formulated for fairer skin tones. A light pink with subtle coral undertones. Bella Noella Blush has a very soft shimmer.
Blush available in 6 different shades and 2 sizes – A Regular 10 gram jar filled with 2.5 grams of product as well as a Large, 20 gram jar filled with 5 grams of product.
Price: Regular Jar – $7.99
Large Jar – $13.99

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