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To The Top Performance

To The Top Performance was started for one reason – to make professional-level baseball instruction available to all kids. Private lessons are expensive and unrealistic for most families in today’s economy. We’ve produced two 45-minute instructional DVDs and offer them at a fraction of the cost of a single private lesson. Around the Mound focuses on all things pitching while The Perfect Player teaches hitting, bunting, fielding and base running.

To The Top Performance accomplished three goals when making our DVDs that separate us from our competition. We filmed all applicable segments for both right- and left-handed players to eliminate any confusion by the user. Secondly, we stayed away from any complicated jargon. We wanted a 12-year old watching alone to fully understand what we are teaching. Finally, our DVDs are broken down into chapters and sub-chapters for easy reviewing.

To The Top Performance’s DVDs were professionally produced and are professionally replicated and packaged.  They retail on our website for $10 each and we will gladly work with retailers to reach a mutually beneficial price. We have inventory on hand and are anxious and excited to get our products into retail markets.

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