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Going Global

It is fun to watch as our site continues to expand globally and bring companies from around the world together. During the past ninety days we have seen hundreds of companies sign up and bring thousands of visitors to our site. Within such a short amount of time, we are excited to see the growth.

In addition to the great number of people visiting, we are seeing companies from around the world visit our site. We have companies coming together from around the world including the following countries:

•    Norway
•    Brazil
•    Mexico
•    England
•    France
•    Germany
•    Italy
•    El Salvador
•    Australia
•    Japan
•    New Zealand
•    Chile
•    South Africa
•    Canada
•    United States
•    China
•    Taiwan
•    India
•    Vietnam
•    Israel
•    Colombia
•    Hong Kong
•    Russia
•    Singapore

With so many great companies representing so many great countries we want you to find each other and invite others to join the ultimate networking site for brands and retailers, We are giving away 45 days of unlimited pitching and accepting of those pitches. This is very simple to do.

Log in to your account at, on the top menu choices click on “My Plan”, in the coupon area at the bottom of the page type in “global”. Your account will be automatically upgraded to unlimited for the next 45 days.

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