The commerce network that links interested retailers with exciting new products

Independent Retailers and Manufacturers from around the world Compete Like ‘The Big Boys’ With

Independent Retailers and Manufacturers from around the world Compete Like The Big Boys With, the first social commerce network, links retailers and manufacturers to bring exciting, new products to market at unbeatable prices

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(Salt Lake City, Utah), July 9, 2012 — Suddenly independent retailers and manufacturers can compete with even the largest national chains, because now they can network with the first “commerce network” on the Internet where retailers and brands from all industries can connect, communicate and conduct commerce.

It was created and launched recently just for small, independent businesses, retailers and manufacturers. It links these independent businesses to each other so that, together, they can find and bring new, in-demand products and brands to the market.

That gives independent businesses the ability to compete with large national chains in a way they never could before, said Founder and CEO, Brad Boyle with “Before now, it was getting harder and harder, not to mention expensive, for independent businesses to provide the products and services their customers wanted and needed. They just did not have the resources that large companies and big box chains had, until now. has changed all of that.”

Currently there are hundreds of retailers and brands from over 20 countries coming to the site each day. From fashion to nutrition, building products to camping gear and everything in between. It is free to sign up and begin searching and interacting with new brands and retailers.

The site is like Facebook in that businesses on can find and pitch their company or store and product, very much like becoming a “friend” on Facebook.

The network gives the smaller, independent business all the pricing and product information and the same ability to buy from new and exciting suppliers and manufactures that only big, national retailers had access to before, Boyle added.

It brings access to the products and services at attractive and competitive prices. And, it lets the small independent keep control of that process, because RetailPitch provides independents with instant and ongoing updates from suppliers. It creates a much simpler way to shop and track products all in one place.

Retailers can buy direct and save big, Boyle said. “With, you find the products that will work for you and your business, and create the direct channel that your business needs. Hundreds of manufacturers create programs designed for direct purchases, and you will be able to view unlimited company programs without any commitment.”

Independents can then take advantage of amazing group rates by pooling with other retailers, to get the same buying power as big box stores. “You choose which manufacturers you want to work with and you deal directly with them, without distributors and middlemen. The added profit will be yours to keep or pass on to your customers,” Boyle said.

Manufacturers retain control over their sales, Boyle added, “Take control and stop waiting for distributors to respond or salesman to get the job done. Reach your target audience by reaching out to the retailers that make the most sense for you and your business. Keep your profits by creating programs that are specific to your retailers, and by working directly with the retailer without middlemen. It is truly a win-win.” will take care of the paperwork. “We collect orders, send you the packing slips to fulfill, it is that simple.” Boyle said.

All of this boosts competition because now the small manufacturer and retailer can keep up with customer demand for quality and price because it is all available through the network. “They can operate just like any big businesses,” Boyle said.

A video explaining how works can be found at

In addition, RetailPitch also makes independents businesses that are part of the network extremely visible in the marketplace. The site spotlights various products and companies.

“We want to highlight your videos. If you have a product video, contact us and lets spread the word about your video and company. Send us your videos and we will post them, we want to help you get the exposure you need” Boyle said.

If you would like to be part of this exclusive system, contact immediately.


About is an online commerce social network providing a place for retailers and manufacturers and their products, services and brands to connect, communicate and conduct commerce. For information, contact our marketing group:



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