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Babatude Boutique

Babatude Boutique is a chic, vibrant haven of inspiration and creativity.   We bring together lovingly selected, unique creations for you, your children and your home, from incredible designers and artists around the world.

We have discovered that there are many amazing, imaginative and daringly independent designers whose products are far too distinctive to be considered for the mainstream retailing industry.   Designers who feel that the market is far too restrictive and predictable to cater for those who dare to be different!  And so … we have teamed up with some of these incredible talents to offer you a startling array of home decor, lifestyle, clothing and gift ideas.     You will find a collection of one-off, vibrant, new discoveries and amazing products ; whether it’s a treat for yourself, a gift for a special occasion or just as a “Thank You”.

We hope you find browsing through our site will be like browsing through a curiosity shop where you can discover those little gems and gifts to delight and that cannot be found anywhere else.  We have explored the imaginative world beyond the high street and we do we hope you’ll find something that you’ll adore !

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This entry was posted on July 19, 2012 by in Childrens Clothing, Fashion.
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