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Java Gum

Need a little pep in your step? Try Java Gum! This great tasting gum—available in peppermint and spearmint—fights drowsiness as effectively as a 10-oz. cup of coffee, but leaves breath minty-fresh. A single pack of gum (8 pieces) costs less than an eighth of the average cost of energy drinks, works up to five times faster, and yields a higher profit. Each piece of Java Gum packs 65 milligrams of caffeine and is both sugar and gluten free.

Whether you are a mom on the go, a nurse working a long shift, a student trying to pull an all-nighter or a construction worker who doesn’t have time to grab a cup of coffee, Java Gum supplies an instant boost that’ll fit any active lifestyle.

Suggested retail price—$2.99.

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2 comments on “Java Gum

  1. Cesar Mapes
    August 6, 2012

    I really love energy drinks because it can help restore your vitality after a heavy workout and heavy cardio activities like running and cycling. ‘*`’,


  2. Brad Bruckner
    October 28, 2012

    According to a recent study from Kent State University, chewing caffeinated gum can improve your athletic performance. Why? Caffeine can boost performance and endurance quickly, and it’s absorbed significantly faster when it’s administered in a chewing gum. (See the whole article in Men’s Health here!: )

    Plus, it’s much easier to run or exercise with gum. Every try to play tennis or do push ups with a energy drink in your hands?

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