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Chera Collection

Chera is an online dress shop for women that like to dress classy and elegant. All of the dresses are designed by Baljit Kaur, who first started the business after she had a tough time finding an elegant dress to wear to prom, that emphasized excellent quality, affordability and a beautiful design. She decided to design her own dress and that was when the idea of Chera, was created. Since then, Baljit has been designing dresses with these three key features at the forefront.

The prices for the dresses are:
Satin Shoulder Dress: $88  Satin Shoulder Dress
Rose Strapped Dress: $100 Rose Strap Dress
Two Piece Purple Chiffon Dress: $89 Two Piece Purple Chiffon Dress
Yellow Chiffon Flowered Dress: $110 Yellow Chiffon Flowered Dress
Soft Pink Rose Dress: $100 Soft Pink Rose Dress
Satin Shoulder Soft Purple Dress: $88 Satin Shoulder Soft Purple Dress
Two Piece Chiffon Dress: $89 Two Piece Purple Chiffon Dress
Chiffon Flowered Dress: $110 Chiffon Flowered Dress
Green Braided Strap Dress: $99 Green Braided Strap Dress
Braided Strap Dress: $99 Braided Strap Dress

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