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Retail Sales are Boosted in the United States

It is nice to wake up to great headline on the Wall Street Journal, “Retail Sales Boost U.S. Stocks”.

According to the Commerce department retail sales rose in July for the first time in four months. This news came in conjunction that wholesale pricing seems to be stabilizing.

This is great news for the independent retailer because it means that margins should stabilize as demand for product increases.

All this came out at the same time that released their quarterly report that they were able to make money for the first time but their growth during the quarter were less than expected. In addition to this, their future growth prospects have spooked Wall Street.

To me, this means that the independent retailer is getting stronger. As you are able to utilize traditional marketing channels, your store does not need to give away products and services to entice the buyer. Buyers are coming back because of your products and services not because of expensive coupons.

We hope that you will continue to see an uptick in business and that the darkest days of the recession are behind us.

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