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Persona Swimwear

The Persona Collection features the signature Rosette, with a focus on sexy silhouettes, whimsical detailing, and sheer attitude.


Whether lounging by the Vegas poolside, frolicking on the beaches of the West Coast, or making the scene in Miami–tease that hair, strut that vibrant red, and strike out in the highest of heels.

Emily Sanders built her career in the world of art. Working with texture, paint, color, dreams, and passion, she harnessed this creativity into fashion.

Designing swimsuits involves what women like in color, unique detailing, and a fabulous fit. This process of designing involves taking your experience by the pool and creating something that allows women to embrace their bodies while striking their individual style.” –Emily Sanders

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One comment on “Persona Swimwear

  1. Emily Sanders
    September 5, 2012

    Great feature! Love it!

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